The Year of the Doge!

Let's Celebrate!

It’s easy to say that this has been the year of the doge! And to commemorate the HUGE success of all the Doge’s we have created a coin aptly named.

Prepare yourself for the MASSIVE celebration of all the Doge’s that made us MILLIONAIRES and if you aren’t one yet, then we are here to entitle you to be so!

We present to you… YEAR OF THE DOGE!!!

Auto & Manual Burns

Light the lantern with us as we initially burned 10% of the Total Circulating Supply and automatic burn constantly to get this celebration started!!

Locked Liquidity

Rug? You are vey lucky you found Year of the Doge, as our LP is completely locked!

Reward Holders

Celebrate with us and see how much your lucky wallet can hold as you gain 5% on every transaction made on Year of the Doge!

Lucky Pot Wallet

There is no shortage of luck here, per chinese tradition we will award a Lucky Red Envelope to one lucky diamond handed holder periodically! There is no telling how big it will be as it will grow from 5% of every transaction!

Year of the Doge

What is Year of the Doge?

The most noticeable coin in crypto would be the mother of all coins… DOGE COIN! We watched Doge literally create MILLIONAIRES! In fact, Doge was so successful many new Doges were created to ride the success train!

This is the year to celebrate the success of all the Doges ever created in the Crypto world! We have gathered all of the strengths of the 8 most successful Doge coins in the cryptosphere and adopted it into the new most exciting coin to date. With over 6 years experience throughout our team we have the knowledge, determination, and ambition to take everybody to the moon where all the other Doges live!










Marketing + Prizes

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000




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DISCLAIMER: Do not trust random messages from people claiming to be “Staff Member” or give out your wallet information to anyone.

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